About the WIA Dashboard

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) dashboard has been created to provide access to WIA performance data. The dashboards are based on publicly available data from the United States Department of Labor. Each quarter, every state in the Nation submits quarterly WIA data to the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration. This data includes information on participants and how their participation in WIA programs affected their employment circumstances.  Every state provides employment and training services funded by WIA to individuals seeking employment and career advancement. The dashboards provide a look at how this program is performing across the Nation, Regions, States, and Workforce Investment Boards.

Participant data featured within dashboards are ONLY those participants who received staff assisted services - services where workforce professionals spent time and resources paid by WIA to provide direct employment and training services, such as assessments, training, and so forth. Dashboards DO NOT include performance data on those ~6 million people who use resources funded by the WIA without receiving staff assistance.

The Workforce Investment Act divides participants into 3 distinct groups. Each group is tracked and reported in performance data ONLY if they received staff assistance. These groups are reported in the dashboards on this site.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Adults

Adult Program serve the broadest range of individuals, including but not limited to public assistance recipients, Unemployment Insurance claimants, veterans, people with disabilities, dislocated workers, migrant and seasonal farmworkers, Indian and Native Americans, and workers age 55 or older.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Dislocated Workers

Dislocated Worker Program serve individuals laid-off from work, such as plant closings, mass layoffs, or job losses due to natural disasters or military base realignment and closures.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth

Youth programs provide employment and education services to eligible low-income youth, ages 14-21 who face barriers to employment.

About the People behind the Dashboard

The WIA Dashboard site is provided by FutureWork Systems, LLC (FWS), a small technology company entirely devoted to meet the performance management technology needs of the workforce development system. For over a decade, the FWS team has provided advanced Web apps delivered in the cloud to many states and Workforce Investment Boards to help workforce development professionals efficiently gain important insight into the data they collect and gain a deeper understanding of the performance of their programs. The FWS team has and remains committed to providing these applications to help improve workforce development programs.

Comments about these dashboards are always welcome. For general inquiries or learning how to get more performance info or insight into workforce system data, contact us via web or phone, 800-448-2266.